We are proud to say we are a 100% homegrown Indian brand. All our products are proudly and ethically made in India.

We believe we are trying to be conscious and responsible with all our decisions. Using materials that are have the least impact on our planet and working with with factories who are on the same boat as us, is and will always be our number 1 priority. However, we know we aren't there yet, but we promise we'll get there!


Our hero fabric is Tencel™️ Lyocell. Made by Lenzing, Tencel™️ Lyocell is known as the holy grail of fibers. It is derived from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

The best way to take care of your underwear would be to flip them inside out and just throw them in the washing machine. Avoid ironing and bleaching them, because that will most definitely spoil it.

Order Related

Absolutely. We usually ship out all orders within 24 hours from receiving them. So reach out to us in that timeframe, and we will make sure we help you through the changes. You can write to us on

We usually ship out all orders within 24 hours from receiving them. You can expect the order to be delivered within 3 working days from the day you place your order.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes you can. We offer free exchanges on your first order. You can write to us on and our team will send you a replacement right away!

We have a strict quality check protocol, but however if this situation does come up, please send us a mail on with a picture of the defect. We will make sure it is replaced right away.

We have a no questions asked return policy, which means that if you don't like what you get, we will either send you a replacement or issue a refund right away! You can write to us on and we will assist you.


ECOVIA is India's first returnable packaging solution provider. They are helping us tackle the problem of single use plastic that is used for e-comm deliveries.

It's pretty simple actually.

- As soon as your order is delivered, you can scan the QR code printed on the bag to schedule the ECOVIA bag return. Alternatively, you can respond to the text sent by the ECOVIA bot to initiate the bag return.

- Once you've selected the return date, all you have to do is hand over the delivery bag to their pick up executive on the confirmed date set by you and that's that. Those bags will come back to us so we can reuse them for other deliveries.

Be rest assured, this is a hassle free process and everything is done over whatsapp. You wont be getting spam calls so don't worry :)

Oh and the most important thing, you will be rewarded for helping us eliminate single use plastic with a special discount code!! As soon as you hand over the delivery bag, ECOVIA will whatsapp you a discount code, which can be used for your next purchase :)