Green is in.

Every MINUTE, forests the size of 20
football fields are cut down.
Over 150
Million trees are cut every year to keep the
fashion industry kicking.

If deforestation isn’t stopped, they could all be gone in less than 100 years.

When this realization hit us, there was
no looking back. We had
to take a stand
and do our bit to make a difference to
the environment.

We acknowledge that we aren’t there yet.
Our business does leave a carbon footprint
and we are working towards measuring it, and then with the right partnerships, offsetting it.

Our goal is to encourage you to bring
about a change in the way YOU consume.
We want YOU to become more responsible and make conscientious decisions.

Only Together, can we
achieve our social milestones.

Sankalptaru | The Collaboration

SankalpTaru Foundation is an IT enabled
NGO, spreading greenery with it’s core
philosophy of “planting trees for
people, by the people”
. Having planted
close to a million trees across 21 states,
they are constantly escalating
happy smiles through trees.

We will be joining them in their Rural
Livelihood Initiative.
It essentially means
that we help, aid and
enable farmers to
grow fruit bearing plantations that can
bring about economic sustainability to
their community.

We have pledged to donate 5% of our monthly revenue for this cause.

Sustainable progress is not limited to just
our environment, but even the people in it.

Additionally, we encourage you to visit
their site and plant more trees. You can
select the location and the project of
choice. You will recieve a certificate of
participation, a tree tag with your name
and monitor your tree’s growth.
The tree is
geo-tagged on google maps, which makes
it accessible for you to go visit!

‘It’s now or never’ - Mother nature

Become a green champion,


Visit our Virtual Forest

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